Rencontres pro Patrimoine

Meet the professionals

The new challenges of Heritage

How can we create the heritage of tomorrow? For whom? With whom?

9, 10, 11 and 12 March 2016



With whom and for which audiences are we creating the heritage of tomorrow?
Creating awareness of heritage in a region requires ongoing interactions between a network of stakeholders. What will we give to future generations and how do we currently link up the strategies of the various stakeholders in this memory process?


The OCIM, the Museum of Toulouse and the Association des Conservateurs des Musées de Midi-Pyrénées (ACMMP) joined forces to offer you three events:

• Asking new questions about heritage: study day organised by the ACMMP
• Creating the heritage of tomorrow? 2 days of inter-professional meetings organised by the OCIM and the Museum of Toulouse
• A field trip to visit one of the region’s projects






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