Water from Above


The fascinating story of water viewed from satellites!


The Museum de Toulouse and the Cité de l'Espace based in Toulouse, France, have co-produced an exhibition to introduce to the visitors the rôle of satellites in the kowledge of our planet and in the earth's water management. Thanks to this exhibition, the visitors will also be aware of the fragility and the preciousness of this resource.


Conceived as a travel around the globe, « Water seen from above » contain an interactive rotary world globe. It enables to better understand the satellites characteristics on a global scale.
Then divided in 4 spaces, the exhibition enables to discover water on all its forms: oceans, continental waters, ices, atmosphere. Spaces begin by personal testimonies of resource players: a fisherman from Bangladesh, a skipper, an inuit woman… These spaces also contain hands-on, satellites pictures, 2 cases illustrated by dioramas, audio testimonials...


Thanks to a similar scenography, « Water seen from Above » can be easily added to our travelling exhibition « Water, the Exhibition ». 


Past venues:

  • Gwacheon science center, South Korea.

  • Naro space center, South Korea.

  • Gwangju Natonal Science Museum, South Korea


Now Touring : Aquarium de la Porte Dorée - Paris from Octobre 18th 2018 to August 2019.

Available for hire in february 2020.



Audience: Families and school visitors.

Surface area: 100 sq. m. In addition to "Water, the Exhibition": 300 sq. m.

Languagues : Bilingual (French and English). Possible adaptation to another language.

Rental fees and conditions: contact us.


Crédits photos : Anne Volery/EPPPD, Gwacheon science center, South Korea