Baby animals


Joy Latour Gineau

Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator

Chargée des expositions itinérantes

Tel.: + 33 (0)5 31 22 90 52[arobase]


Virginie LAURENT

Exhibitions and Roaming Head Manager

Responsable des expositions et itinérances

Tel.: +33 (0)5 62 27 45 46




A tender, moving, surprising experience!

Designed specifically with children in mind, Baby Animals enables them to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of animals and nature. Who takes care of the young? What do they eat? How do they learn to walk, swim or fly? Find out through illustrated or animated stories and short films tracing their growth, life and survival. Touch, feel, move about, copy, watch... these are just  some of the experiences that will surprise the young and the old!

Included in the Exhibition :

- 60 species and over a 100 specimens on show

- 9 multimedia

- 13 interactive experiments

- 30 comic strips so the yougest children can visit independently



Past venues:

  • Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences (Belgium)
  • Museon, The Hague (The Netherlands).
  • Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris.

Available for hire in April 2020.


Spécifications :

Audience: young children age 3 to 8

Surface area: 450  to 700 sq. m. (4840 to 7534.74 sq. ft.)

Languages: The exhibition is displayed in four languages (contact us)

Rental fees and conditions: Please contact us



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 Photos : Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles, Chritian Nitard,Sierpinski