Laboratory and Workshop

On the 2nd floor, two areas specially designed with you in mind 


The Workshop

The Workshop is devoted to tiny tots. Here, activities based on experimenting through play, the plastic arts and verbal exchanges teach children between the ages of 3 and 6 about the plant world and the animal world through an introduction to life sciences.


In order to adapt to non-readers, the workshop focuses on awakening children's senses and encouraging speech. The activities on offer therefore use a concrete and exploratory approach to broach the themes covered by the permanent exhibition.


Observe, name, describe, draw and play. Sensations and emotions are used to secure various acquisitions (knowledge, social skills) and for the thoughts they produce.


See the schedule for the "Petits Bouts de Science" programme (link with key word)

The Lab

The Lab is a novel facility for children aged 7 and onwards, and is devoted to the observation and manipulation of heritage objects that belong to the collections of the Museum. It enables children to conduct experiments within the scope of supervised and fun activities, and to immerse themselves in the scientific world: specimens, microscopes and questions await. Observe, experiment, try your hand at making scientific deductions and marvel at the wealth of our heritage during a tour of our store rooms.

Find out all about the Croq' Labo and Expert' Labo programmes in the schedule (link with key word)



 photo : © Ville de Toulouse - Didier Cousy