Prehistory, the investigation


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Virginie LAURENT

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An original investigation into the depths of prehistory!

A real pre-historical burial place, discovered in 1928 on Téviec Island, just off Quiberon, France, is at the centre of a thrilling scientific investigation: who are these 2 human beings buried next to each other? What are these objects surrounding their skeletons? What happened to them? Which era did they live in? Go on a hunt for clues: observe, deduce and become an expert pre-historian!

Armed with your study booklet, explore the seven investigation hubs to solve the mystery of Téviec.


Included in the exhibition:

- 7 videos

- 12 multimedias materials

- 4 casts and 2 models

- several interactive experiments 



Past Venues:

  •  Palais de la Découverte, Paris.
  •  Le Pôle International de la Préhistoire aux Eysiès (France).
  •  Le Centre des Origines de Johannesburg, South Africa.
  •  Paléospace l'Odyssée, Villers sur mer (France).
  •  Espaces des Sciences, Les Champs Libres, Rennes (France).
  •  Musée Archéologique du Val d'Oise (France).
  •  Musée des Sciences - CCSTI, Laval (France).
  • Natural History Muséum of Bourges (France).


On Tour : Jurassica Museum (Switzerland) from April 13th to August 25th. 

Available for hire in september 2020. 


Audience: Families and school visitors

Surface area: 150/300 sq. m.

Languages: Bilingual (French and English). Possible adaptation to another language.

Rental fees and conditions: Please contact us


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Crédits Photos : Muséum d'Histoire naturelle de Toulouse, Espace des Sciences Rennes,