Ticket prices

Additional fee for online service

Valid for 1 day, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded


Children under 6: remember to reserve your free admission!

Used directly at the entrance gates, avoid queuing.

Tickets valid for the permanent and temporary exhibition and the Museum Gardens in Borderouge,



Only individual visitors can buy tickets online.For group reservations, please call
05 67 73 84 84 or visit reservation.museum[at]mairie-toulouse.fr




Réservation de groupes (à partir 10 pers.)

Pour les réservations de groupes (à partir de 10 personnes), merci de vous adresser au
05 67 73 84 84 ou reservation.museum[arobase]


Individual admission for the Museum
(city centre) :

Permanent or temporary exhibition

Admission 7 €

Discounts  5 €  See conditions

Free for children under 6 See all free admission

Permanent + temporary exhibition

Admission 9 €

Discounts 7€ See conditions

Free for children under 6 See all free admission


Individual admission to Museum Gardens (Borderouge)


Admission 3 €

Discounts 2 € See conditions



USEFUL INFORMATION: To avoid queues on busy days, we recommend buying tickets during the week (outside of school holidays). Tickets are valid for 1 year, providing they have not been used at the turnstile (Please note, not applicable for the Musée Libre card: free tickets can only be printed at the weekend).


Supervised activities (visits, workshops, etc)

Supervised activities (visits, workshops, events, etc.) are included in the price of admission to all the museum sites (except for specific cases and gourmet workshops at the Museum Gardens in Borderouge, €10)

For group admissions (by reservation), please contact the information-reservation desk on 05 67 73 84 84.


All visitors every day from 4.30 p.m.

  • Visitors aged 6 to 17
  • Students and lycée pupils
  • Disabled visitors
  • "Toulouse Culture", "So Toulouse" and "Pass Tourisme" cardholders
  • Visitors over 65
  • Volunteers and partners, according to individual and collective agreements
  • Unemployed visitors (on presentation of written proof dating from less than 6 months)
  • Beneficiaries of minimum allowances (RSA, ASS)
  • Teachers on presentation of their professional card
  • Partner groups (staff committee, users' clubs, etc.) with contracts with the museum.
  • COSAT members

Free admission


  • All visitors on the first Sunday of each month for the permanent exhibition. There is an admission fee for the temporary exhibition.
  • For all visitors during animations in test (interim effect according to announced programmation),
  • Children under 6
  • School groups for libraries access (except traineeship),
  • Visitors accompanying disabled people who contracted a reservation,
  • French museum Guide speakers (on presentation of their professionnal card)
  • Volunteers and partners, according to individual and collective agreements
  • Patrons on presentation of their "patron" subscription
  • ICOM  and press cardholders

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Un forfait illimité pour entrer au muséum autant de fois que vous le voulez pendant une année.


Le PASS (Solo, Duo ou Tribu) donne accès à l'exposition permanente et aux médiathèques + aux expositions temporaires + aux animations prévues dans la programmation.

  • 19 € PASS Solo 

  • 29 € PASS Duo (titulaire + 1 personne de son choix)

  • 49 € PASS Tribu (titulaire + 6 personnes de son choix)

L'abonnement est valable au Muséum (Centre-ville) et aux Jardins du Muséum (quartier Borderouge).
Il donne droit 10% de remise en boutique (hors librairie : 5%).