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[Oizo]lympique - le défi des chants d'oiseaux est un jeu sonore de reconnaissance et d'apprentissage des chants d'oiseaux, à 4 niveaux de jeu progressifs - LPO. 


Play isn’t just for kids! Here you will find games for non-readers, older children and even adults. So play, and share with your friends and fellow internet users.


Take a walk and discover the fauna and flora in an imaginary landscape in the Midi-Pyrénées

vignette balade faune flore region midi-pyrenees jeux

 The universe this walk takes you through is entirely imaginary. It has however been put together with the aim of highlighting the Midi-Pyrénées region (regional habitat, fauna and flora, etc.).

Components such as the content of the games or the illustrations of the objects will raise children’s awareness to the themes explored at the Museum.

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The memory game workshop

vignette du jeu mémory de l'Atelier

The memory cards will change with the themes tackled by the Museum in the context of the Atelier for ages 3 to 6 years.

Six to twenty cards are proposed depending on the level chosen.

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To find out about the specimens included in the game collection, download the pdf.



Prehistoric animals

jeu interactif animaux prehistoriques

Trace the outline of three prehistoric animals (cave bear, mammoth, Prezwalski’s horse) with your finger (or the mouse) to bring it to life. 

Do you know what sound each of them make? 

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copie ecran du jeu maisons du monde

Build five houses of the world and see what they are like inside. 

In partnership with Milan, Mobilic games for four to seven year olds. 

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A fun and educational game about the bear and the Pyrénées

logo jeux pacbear ours des pyrénées


Get the bear to munch all the berries, and you’ll find out about bears and the Pyrénées.

A little tip: the bear must avoid the poachers who have come to catch him, but meeting the man with the heart is a good thing.

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squelette renard et rat gris du mur des squelettes

75 skeletons are displayed at the Museum in a long glass wall.

The info point, which identifies the skeletons and provides some information about comparative anatomy, is presented at the permanent exhibition and online here: 





Water and the body:

The three states of water (video game):

Fresh water: an unequally accessible resource: 

The blue planet:

The natural water cycle:


Video tool: Aquacitizens? Everyday gestures that, on a collective scale, can have a real impact on our planet.

Video tool: Tap water: where does the water come from? Where does waste water go?

More generally, find the temporary exhibition Eau, l’Expo online: