Excavation in Montréal-du-Gers

The trail that takes us back to our origins: the palaeontological excavation site in Montréal-du-Gers

Discovered through a stroke of luck in 1987 and now owned by the Museum of Toulouse, the palaeontological 'reservoir' in Montréal-du-Gers is one of the major sites in Europe, and the largest palaeontological site to have been discovered in France in a century. It goes back 17 million years.

A wide range of fossil fauna was unearthed in this 'reservoir'. Since it was discovered, thousands of bones have been uncovered; over 90 species of vertebrates have been listed, including 50 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Among the species found there, four species hitherto unknown to science have been described to date.

  • Ampelomeryx ginsburgi, the giraffe-stag

  • Hispanotherium beonense, a rhinoceros

  • Hyotherium lacaillei & Eurolistriodon tenarezensis, two types of "wild boars"


Their wealth in terms of palaeontology, and the extent of the discoveries, has given this site huge heritage value. This 'reservoir' is part of the inventory of Geological Heritage, and is considered to be of international interest.

These exhibition will be open from july 2013.

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Understanding and discovering through nature

The trail that takes us back to our origins is an invitation to travel! 

Here and there throughout the Pyrenees, several stages give you the opportunity to discover different types of origins: the origins of the Universe, Earth and Life, the origins of the Pyrenees and its people.

An enthralling trip that actually tells our own personal history, seeing as we are all children of the Stars, and reminds us just how fragile our planet is, and how important it is to protect it.

Bon voyage !

 photos : ⓒ Laurent Bessol