Museum meetings and conferences

In echo to our two temporary exhibitions entitled "Cat & Dogs" and "Exotic Pets", on two Thursdays every month, researchers, artists and specialists are invited to discuss the various facets of this subject.



14 Meetings on Thursdays, from 6.30 pm to 8 pm


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Online conferences




"Naturalist voyages and expeditions from the 17th to the 21st century, Marie-Noëlle Bourget, professor emerita of modern history at Paris Diderot University (November 2015)

"Magical butterflies from Laurent Schwartz's collection", Jean Haxaire, attached to the Natural History Museum in Paris, butterfly specialist (October 2015)


"Histories and stories of the Museum of Toulouse", Francis Duranthon, Director of the Museum of Toulouse (October 2015)



And also in 2015

"Parents-children, the stages that lead to autonomy" by Marcel Rufo (June 2015)

Knowledge and passion are achieved through understanding. For this reason, the Museum will also be organizing exchanges with specialists in addition to the exhibitions.

The location: The Museum's Auditorium (town centre)

Open to the general public and free of charge

Video made by Christophe Giffard