Baby animals


Joy Latour Gineau

Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator

Chargée des expositions itinérantes

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Virginie LAURENT

Exhibitions and Roaming Head Manager

Responsable des expositions et itinérances

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Baby animals

A tender, moving, surprising experience

Designed specifically with children in mind, Baby Animals enables them to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of animals and nature. Who takes care of the young? What do they eat?

How do they learn to walk, swim or fly? Find out through illustrated or animated stories and short films tracing their growth, life and survival. Touch, feel, move about, copy, watch... these are just

some of the experiences that will surprise the young and the old!


This exhibition was coproduced with The royal Institute of the Natural sciences of Belgium.


Exhibition Brochure 




Crédits Photos : Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles, Christian Nitard, Sierpinski